Equals: Kattegat Session

Kasai feat. Samitowski
Erototox Decodings Polska
Producer: Katarzyna Piszek

Kasai feat. Samitowski: „Equals: Kattegat Session”

In June 2020, a little over a year after her solo debut, Kasai together with Bartek Samitowski aka Iliaster made a live version of the „Equals” album for their listeners. „Kattegat Session” was created during the epidemic, in isolation from the outside world. The concert was recorded for the purposes of Piotr Metz’s Personal List broadcast.

„It was a completely new experience for us because of the unusual and experimental formula of the recording we did in our Kattegat Studio. Seemingly difficult conditions allowed us to present songs from the Equals album in a new way, expressing the atmosphere related to the change in the functioning of reality. We share with our listeners the sounds and photos from this expedition, in which we were accompanied by Joanna John, who was responsible for the graphic design, and Michał Kupicz, the creator of the mixing and mastering. – say the artists about the album.
released July 20, 2020

Equals: Kattegat Session
Lyrics for Zoe: Samitowski

Kasai feat. Samitowski
Keys, programming: Kasai
Programming, guitars: Samitowski
Mix & mastering: Michał Kupicz
Photos: Samitowski
Graphic design: Joanna John